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Research groups

Toshiaki Tasaki

Noble Group Project Outreach Officer

Toshiaki William Tasaki has been working on research work for the development of the concept of Systems Biology under the supervision of Co-principal investigators, as well as outreach activities, such as filming lectures, developing the website, publications, and translating publications relating to the project. He was responsible for very extensive coverage of the launch of “University of Oxford Innovative Systems Biology Project sponsored byTsumura” in October 2013 and contributed to the publicity for University of Oxford, Medical Science Division, Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics and Systems Biology in 2014. He was Japan Representative for the pilot project (2011-2013), and the inventor of the term "Innovative Systems Biology", authorised by Prof Noble. He has been working on the development and the management of the project as a member of the Management Committee.