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Thorsten Hauler

Dipl. Phys., Dr rer.nat.

REF Coordinator

I joined the Department in October 2013 to oversee its research facilitation activities.

In January 2020, I became Head of Research Grants and Contracts at the Department of Physics. I am seconded back to DPAG for part of my time to cover the REF 2021 submission within UoA 5.

Before DPAG, I was Research Development Manager for Natural and Mathematical Sciences at King’s College London and Research Facilitator at the Department of Computer Science.

I am a physicist (Diplom, University of Heidelberg) and hold a PhD (Dr.rer.nat.) from the Technical University (TU) Munich.

I am on various groups and networks across the University, among them the Research Data Management and Open Data Working Group, and I am a member of both AUA (the Association of University Administrators) and ARMA (the Association of Research Managers and Administrators).