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Teodora Trendafilova

DPhil Student

I graduated with a BSc in Pharmacology from the University of Leeds in 2015. During my undergraduate studies, I spent a year at Mayo Clinic, Florida studying neurodegeneration. After graduating from Leeds, I took a research assistant position at the University of Cambridge focusing on adult stem cells in homeostasis and injury repair. I then accepted the OXION Wellcome Trust DPhil Studentship at Oxford University and joined the Neural Injury group led by Professor David Bennett.

I am interested in the response of the nervous system to injury and the mechanisms underlying neuropathic pain. This condition is caused by damage to the somatosensory nervous system and is chronic and debilitating. The mechanisms behind it are complex and not well understood. They can originate in the peripheral (PNS) or the central nervous system (CNS). My work concentrates on characterising novel targets and understanding their role in the PNS and CNS and their importance in neuropathic pain.