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For World Parkinson's Day 2019. With special thanks to Richard Wade-Martins and his team of researchers for their contributions.

Talitha Smith

Communications Officer

As Communications Officer, I am responsible for the Department's website, newsletter, intranet and the promotion of events. I am here to support our Group Leaders, Researchers and Students to communicate their work and achievements to a variety of audiences and help raise awareness of our Department's fantastic research. I also highlight the achievements of our Professional Services Staff and Teaching Staff, as well as assisting in developing communications initiatives for Athena SWAN.

I joined the Department in October 2018, after working for Oxford University's Undergraduate Admissions and Outreach Department since May 2018. Prior to this, I worked in Broadcast Television for eight years.

Read my full profile here.

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Celebrating the achievements of women in STEM. With special thanks to Samira Lakhal-Littleton, Gabriela Vilema Enriquez, Alice Neal and Vicky Ball for their contributions.

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For Universal Children's Day 20 November 2019. With special thanks to Katie Meads, Sophie Payne, Clifford Talbot and Joaquim Vieira for their contributions.