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Research groups

Swathi Lingam


Postdoctoral Scientist


I joined the de Wet group in November 2017. My research focuses on the role of the ATP binding cassette protein ABCC5/ MRP5 in gut enteroendocrine K- and L-cells. I am specifically interested in investigating the link between protein expression and gut hormone exocytosis.


I hold an MSc in cancer research and molecular biomedicine from the University of Manchester, where my research focussed on expressing and purifying human ABCG2/BCRP for structural and functional studies. I completed my PhD at the University of Manchester in 2017, under the supervision of Professor Robert Ford. The aim of my doctoral research was to study the effect of SNP’s on human P – glycoprotein/ ABCB1 in a purified, lipid reconstituted protein system. Additionally, I used the same system to work on developing robust, high- throughput drug binding and transport assays to screen allocrites of ABCB1.