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Research groups

Suzanne Scott

Postgraduate Student

Suzanne completed her BSc (Biophysics) at the University of Queensland.  In 2013 she undertook an honours year at the Queensland Brain Institute under the supervision of Professor Joe Lynch. She then moved to Oxford to join the Wellcome Trust 4-year Programme in Neuroscience, through which she was awarded a MSc in 2015.  She is now a DPhil student in the laboratories of Dr Michael Kohl in DPAG and Dr A. Radu Aricescu in the Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics.

Suzanne is interested using structural information about the GABAAR to investigate its role in inhibitory neurotransmission and sensory processing in the cortex.  She is currently involved in structural and physiological analyses of this receptor.

Key publications

Recent publications

More publications
Structure of a human β3 homomeric GABAAR
Structure of a human β3 homomeric GABAAR