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Research groups

Sofia Deleniv

Postgraduate Student

Wellcome Trust Doctoral Training Programme in Neuroscience

I am interested in understanding the physiological and functional principles underlying how sensory cortices encode perceptual information arriving from the environment. As a member of the Mann Lab, I am pursuing this research question by acquiring and analysing in vivo electrophysiological recordings from the mouse sensory cortex.

Later in my project, I am going to collaborate with Mark Stokes, at the Department of Experimental Psychology, to apply pattern classification techniques to the electrophysiological data. The goal of this is twofold. Firstly, to investigate the informational content of neuronal signals in the primary sensory cortices and examine whether they represent expected, as opposed to just received, perceptual inputs. Secondly, the intention is to test whether sensory cortices operate in a predictive fashion, encoding the discrepancy between learned perceptual expectations and actual input.