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Research groups

Shuichi Hayashi


Academic Visitor

Research Interests:

I am a post-doctoral fellow in the group of Professor Zoltán Molnár’s laboratory. My general research interests are in dynamic cell-cell interactions that are mediated by cell surface proteins and the cytoskeleton in brain development. Through my previous and current postdoctoral studies, I have been particularly interested in the molecular mechanism underlying neuronal wiring specificity and plasticity. My current research focuses on the cerebral cortex and its connectivity with subcortical regions.


Brief Biography:

I completed my PhD on the regulation of sperm tail movement, focusing on the mechanical force-dependent switching of dynein activity in flagella, at the University of Tokyo under the supervision of Professor Chikako Shingyoji. I did my post-doctoral research on the role of non-clustered protocadherins in brain development at the RIKEN Center for Developmental Biology (CDB) under the supervision of Professor Masatoshi Takeichi. In 2016 I joined the Molnár Group, undertaking research on the ultrastructural characterisation of corticothalamic axon terminals in thalamic nuclei by using electron microscopy. I am also working on activity-dependent plasticity of the neonatal thalamus.

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