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Research groups

Severin Limal

Postgraduate Student


Severin Limal obtained his B.A in Neuroscience with Honours at Keble College, University of Oxford in 2015. There, he worked with Dr. Kerry Walker and Prof. Andrew King in the Auditory Neuroscience Group, where he participated in a project aiming to assess the organisation of spatial tuning in the auditory cortex of mice. 

In 2016, Severin obtained a Masters of Research from Imperial College, London with a Distinction in Experimental Neuroscience. There, he took part in three separate research projects, aimed mainly at investigating predisposing genetic factors for Parkinson's Disease and novel iron chelating therapies. 

He has now returned to the University of Oxford, working in the King and Walker groups, where he is partaking in a DPhil in Neuroscience.  

Research Interests

Severin is aiming to assess the nature of the interaction between the primary somatosensory cortex (S1) and primary auditory cortex (A1) of mice performing multisensory tasks. This should ultimately shed a new light on the nature of multisensory integration and cortico-cortical modulation during perceptual decision-making.