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Research groups

Samuel Malone

Postdoctoral Research Scientist


Working in the lab of Dr. Ana Domingos, I study neuroimmune mechanisms underlying obesity. Although anatomical texts have for hundreds of years have included schematic representations of sympathetic innervation of endocrine glands, the exact architecture of these connections remains unknown. By combining existing and novel tissue clearing techniques we aim to fully reveal the extent and nature of these projections, thereby giving us a better platform to target new therapies for obesity. 

I graduated with a PhD in Neuroscience from the Université de Lille, where I worked with Dr Paolo Giacobini on novel factors regulating the migration of Gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) cells. During this time I also utilised tissue clearing techniques to study embryonic and early human foetal development in collaboration with Dr Alain Chedotal at the Institut de la Vision, Paris. I also hold an undergraduate BSc in Anatomical Science from the University of Bristol where I completed a research dissertation studying the effects of VEGF-A splicing on the seasonal control of fertility, co-supervised by Dr Domingo Tortonese and Dr David Bates.

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