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Robert Greaney

Departmental Financial Controller

As the Operations Manager for Finance I am responsible for the Department’s financial administration which includes the management of the Department’s accounts office and the research administration office.

I work closely with the Head of Department, Head of Administration and other Operations Managers with all financial administration of the Department. This includes:

  • Managing the accounts office which supports the purchasing, payments and expenses claims processes
  • Overseeing the financial research administration of the Department
  • Preparation of the Department’s annual budget and forecasts
  • Overseeing the month end and year end procedures
  • Supporting the Head of Administration and Head of Department with financial planning and preparing business cases
  • Providing financial support services to staff within the Department
  • Developing and enhancing financial reporting, budgetary control and forecasting
  • Providing management reports and analysis of the Department

I began working in the University in 2005 as a Research Accounts Assistant, and moved to the department of Physiology, Anatomy & Genetics in 2009.