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Nicholas Norwitz

Postgraduate Student

Hello! My name is Nick! I’m Boston born and bread, the oldest of three siblings, a lover of animals, a culinary adventurer, and passionate n = 1 self-experimenter. When I graduated Dartmouth College last year with a degree in Cellular and Molecular Biochemistry, my plan was to immediately attend Harvard Medical School and realize my life-long dream of becoming a medical doctor. 

I put that dream on hold when I became aware of the emerging literature on ketones -- amazing little half-metabolite half-hormone molecules that I believe hold the potential to positively change the way we all think about health and wellbeing. Currently, I’m excited to be pursuing my DPhil (PhD) under the supervision of Professor Kieran Clarke. My project is centred around a set of human clinical trials aimed at exploring the medical applications of ketones in patients with neurodegenerative disease, particularly Parkinson’s disease.   

In my free time, I do my best to disseminate my passion for ketone science beyond my academic bubble. I regularly write short interest pieces aimed at the lay public for the website MDlingo; I’m collaborating with Rohan Kashid, the brilliant head chef at Oxford’s QUOD restaurant on the High Street, to assemble a data-driven ketogenic menu so that members of the booming keto community have somewhere to go where they can eat out socially; And, I’m gratified by the opportunity to disseminate my learnings to millions through my partnership with Celebrity Health and Nutrition Coach Thomas DeLauer and his increasingly popular YouTube channel. 

Don’t be a stranger. I’d love to hear from you!

Some links: 

My author’s page on MDlingo:

PubMed links to my recent peer-reviewed publications:

LRP5, Bone Density, and Mechanical Stress: A Case Report and Literature Review (March, 2019):

The Mechanisms by Which the Ketone Body D-β-Hydroxybutyrate May Improve the Multiple Cellular Pathologies of Parkinson's Disease (May, 2019): 

Multi-Loop Model of Alzheimer Disease: An Integrated Perspective on the Wnt/GSK3β, α-Synuclein, and Type 3 Diabetes Hypotheses (July, 2019):  

QUOD Restaurant:

Thomas DeLauer’s YouTube Channel: