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Research groups

Monzilur Rahman

MSc, BSc

Postgraduate Student


My current research involves modelling the responses of auditory neurons to natural sounds, with the aim of understanding the computations performed by the auditory pathway. By fitting neural models to in vivo electrophysiological recordings of auditory neurons in the primary cortical areas of anaesthetised ferrets, I ask how natural sounds are encoded. I am mainly interested in comparing the explanatory capacity of different biologically-motivated models with features related to known characteristics of auditory periphery and brain. Such features include different cochlea models, neuronal membrane time constants, and different forms of neural adaptation, network structure and recurrent connectivity.


Currently I am a Doctoral student in the Oxford Auditory Neuroscience Group (OANG) working under the joint supervision of Dr Nicol Harper, Dr Ben Willmore and Professor Andrew King. I did my BSc in Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology in the University of Dhaka. While doing BSc, I developed expertise in computational biology and bioinformatics which helped me pursue a career in computational neuroscience. Before starting DPhil, I did MSc in Neuroscince in the University of Oxford. During the MSc, I worked with my current supervisors in the OANG to build dynamic models for the prediction of neural responses in the auditory cortex. I also worked with Dr Tommas Ellender studying the role of progenitor origin in the development of the striatum.

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