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Mahmoud Bassal

Post-doctoral neuronal cell biologist

Profiling mitochondrial biology and mitophagy in induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC)-derived dopamine neurons from familial PD patients carrying mutations in PINK1/PARKIN.

I have a broad interest in studying the pathological mechanisms underlying neurodegenerative diseases with the aim to translate the findings into clinical applications. My research career started by joining a master program of neuroscience in Bonn after my graduation from the faculty of pharmacy in Egypt. I had the chance to learn about how neurodegenerative diseases are approached in different fields of neuroscience. I then moved to Hamburg where I completed my PhD.

I have a special interest in studying Parkinson’s disease, yet I believe that due to the common features shared by neurodegenerative diseases, developing a deeper knowledge in one of them would contribute to the others. During my stay in Hamburg, I gained a good experience about studying Parkinson's disease in transgenic mouse models that carry mutations of GDNF receptor, Ret or Parkin.