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Research groups

Maddalena Comini


I studied Pharmacy at Parma University, in Italy, where I obtained my Master Degree with a thesis focused on bacterial biofilm formation. I then moved to Germany, where I completed my PhD studies at Düsseldorf University. There, I gained expertise with electrophysiological methods to characterize a protein of the chloride channel family, and its role in cellular exocytosis of adrenal chromaffin cells. In October 2018, I joined Prof. Zifarelli’s group at DPAG, where I am continuing the study of the fascinating chloride/proton exchangers, using a combination of voltage clamp and fluorimetry techniques.

Research Skills

  • Patch clamp technique (whole-cell membrane capacitance recordings)
  • Amperometry and carbon-fiber microelectrodes fabrication
  • Primary neuronal and adrenal chromaffin cell cultures
  • Immunocytochemistry