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Research groups

Kristina Parley

Laboratory Manager and Research Assistant

At the conclusion of my B.Sc. in Biochemistry from Imperial College London in 2002 I had a love of neuroscience which led me to immediately undertake an M.Sc. in Neuroscience. During my M.Sc. I studied the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis and the effect of oestrogen on annexin 1 expression under Dr. Egle Solito at Imperial College London. I completed my Ph.D. on the mechanism of action of ColostrininTM, a compound shown to be beneficial in Alzheimer’s disease, at The Open University in 2009 under the supervision of Professor Michael Stewart, Dr. Dunan Banks and Dr. Jill Saffrey. I then continued my studies into neurodegeneration at The Prion Unit within UCL Institute of Neurology with Dr. Adrian Isaacs, investigating CHPM2B mutations in frontotemporal dementia. I made the transition into auditory neuroscience in 2010, studying cochlea efferent drive, in the laboratory of Professor Gary Housley at UNSW Australia Translational Neuroscience Facility. In 2016 I joined Professor Zoltán Molnár’s laboratory at the University of Oxford, focussing on neurosecretion in early cortical development, as laboratory manager and research assistant.

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