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Kim Korrell

Postgraduate Student

I am a graduate student reading for a DPhil in Neuroscience funded by the Anatomical Society. I started my PhD in 2014 with primary interest in the link between myelination and neuronal activity in the central nervous system. I am using a conditional Snap25 Knock out mouse to selectively silence a sub populaiton of cortical projection neurons. 


Through out my undergraduate degree  at the Johannes Gutenberg-University, I worked with Dr Robin White and Professor Luhmann in the Department of Physiology and Pathophysiology in Mainz, Germany. After undertaking an internship in this laboratory I stayed for my bachelor thesis about the role of CNPase in Oligodendrocytes during myelination and continued to be a part-time research assistant. During my following masters program I was awarded the Germany Scholarship for high-achieving and committed students. I did a work placement at the pharmaceutical company Boehringer Ingelheim and was able to do another placement at the University of Oxford in the laboratory of Professor Molnar due to a awarded Erasmus-Scholarship. After my master thesis in the laboratory of Dr White where I established spontaneous myelinating cortical slice cultures I decided to explore myelination in vivo in the laboratory of Professor Molnar, Oxford University, UK.