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Julia Allen


Operations Manager, HR and PA Support


I am responsible to the Head of Administration for the Human Resources function in the Department.  This includes:

  • The development and implementation of HR strategy, policies and guidance
  • Informing the payroll team of all salary changes via Core
  • Managing the recruitment process, from creating a post through to welcoming the new employee to the Department
  • Providing management and advice on a wide variety of HR issues such as maternity and family leave, UKBA compliance, regrading, Personal Development Review, sickness absence management, annual leave, disciplinary issues
  • Ensuring that the HR department works within UK employment law and university guidelines
  • Providing support as required to the PAs in the Department

I work closely with the Head of Administration and the other Operations Managers, the Head of Department and all line managers in DPAG. I liaise with HR colleagues in the central university and the Medical sciences Division. The HR team and I operate an open door policy, and all members of staff are welcome to bring enquiries to the HR offices. 

My working life began very many years ago as a Library Assistant and then Administrator in the Ashmolean Library (now the Sackler Library). In 1992, after a family break, I joined the Ashmolean Museum, moving from providing general support to the Administrator to taking on responsibility for the HR function of the Museum.  I moved to the Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics in 2008.

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