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Jo Begbie

Associate Professor of Developmental Biology

My interest in developmental biology dates back to my degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at the University of Leeds where I first encountered the idea that transcription factors could regulate the identity of specific cells. This led me to pursue a PhD looking at the roles of POU domain transcription factors during neural crest cell differentiation into sensory neurons with Prof David Latchman and Prof John Wood at University College London. I then moved across London to King’s College London and carried out several years of very enjoyable post-doctoral work increasing my knowledge of embryology and vertebrate head development with Prof Anthony Graham.  

I established my own group in Oxford in 2006. My lab continues to pursue my interest in sensory neuron development using a wide range of developmental techniques to address questions ranging from the control of neurogenesis and the acquisition of specific sensory types to migration and connection of the neurons to the CNS.

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