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Jinghuan Li

PhD, MSc, BSc

Postdoctoral Research Scientist


I graduated with a degree in Biological Sciences in 2000 in China before starting to teach in my home town, Fuxin senior middle school, while when, I found myself enjoyed biology and research. I went to Dublin, Ireland to continue my study in molecular biology, where I gained My MSc (University College Dublin) and PhD (Trinity College Dublin).

During my doctorate, I characterized RNA and microRNA in formalin fixed paraffin embedded tissue and found microRNAs in archive materials are better detected than mRNAs. I then came to oxford as postdoctoral research assistant working on GARS gene related neurodegeneration and found deregulated genes that might direct or indirect interact with GARS to cause disease.

My current project is focused on

            1. Exosome isolation and characterization.

            2. Identification of Blood-brain barrier genes for drug delivery.

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Key Publications


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