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Jamie Lee

Postgraduate Student

I am a Medical Research Council Doctoral Student working at the MRC Harwell Institute in the Sensorineural Deafness Group. The group is focused on identifying and characterising genes that are required for normal cochlear function, using the mouse as a model organism. My work is focused on the characterisation of a candidate novel deafness-causing gene. By using a combination of animal phenotyping tests, in vivo and in vitro studies, and molecular experiments I aim to understand the role of this gene in the mammalian auditory system.

For my undergraduate degree, I studied Biochemistry at the University of Manchester with a specific interest in the role of genetics in developmental biology and the underlying molecular mechanisms. During my undergraduate degree, I took a year-long placement at the University of California, San Francisco at the Cardiovascular Research Institute. During my time, I worked with Dr. Daniel Hart, whose lab is primarily focused on investigating the genes involved in heart development and left-right asymmetry in the zebrafish model organisms.