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Research groups

James Rowland

DPhil candidate in systems neuroscience

I obtained an MSci degree in neuroscience from University College London working in the lab of Professor Michael Häusser. There I studied the role of cerebellar mossy fibre terminals in coordinating locomotion. I then moved to Oxford to join the Wellcome Trust 4 year PhD program, conducting a short project in theoretical neuroscience with Rafal Bogacz before joining the lab of Michael Kohl to study barrel cortex computations in vivo.

I currently work in the Packer group focusing on the contribution of cortical neurons to sensory guided behavior. To study this, I use in vivo 2-photon calcium imaging, in conjunction with holographic optical stimulation, to simultaneously read and write neural activity. I hope that the outcome of my research will be a better understanding of the role of individual neurons in sensory processing and decision making.