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Research groups

Jackson Smith


Postdoctoral Research Scientist

Dr. Jackson Smith apprenticed with Dr. Erik Cook at McGill University (Montréal, Canada) during his doctoral training, and with Dr. Martin Paré during his undergraduate training at Queen's University (Kingston, Canada). He recently completed a postdoc with Dr. Kristine Krug, and is currently postdocing with Prof. Andrew Parker (DPAG, University of Oxford).

His general research interest is the relationship between brain activity and the sense of perception. Previously, he has used electrophysiological techniques to investigate the way that the activity of individual neurones is correlated with behaviour during visually guided tasks, using the link between V5/MT activity and motion perception as a model. Recently, he has used magnetic resonance imaging to investigate the anatomy of cortical networks that are involved in guiding visual behaviour.

Currently, Jackson is looking to understand the neural basis of stereopsis in the visual ventral stream, with a focus on area V4. The aim is to better understand neural coding, in general, while also comparing the way that perceptual signals are used in a different cortical area for a different class of percept.