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Holger Kramer

Wellcome Trust Oxion Proteomics Core Facilities Scientist

Research Summary

I am interested in the application of proteomics, chemical biology and mass spectrometry to the investigation of cell physiology. In particular my research interests focus on cellular ubiquitination and other regulatory post-translational modifications. This includes detailed characterisation of the enzymes responsible for the attachment of these modifiers to protein surfaces and their subsequent removal. I also have an active interest in the development of novel proteomics methods and mass spectrometry-based assays.


I studied Chemistry in Marburg, Germany and at the  University of Birmingham graduating with a MSci degree in 2002. This was followed by doctoral studies in Oxford at the Department of Organic Chemistry working on the synthesis of glycoprotein mimics as biological probes. My postdoctoral research with Dr Benedikt Kessler at the Nuffield Department of Medicine,Oxford introduced me to the use of mass spectrometry and proteomics in the investigation of infectious diseases and post-translational protein modifications. In 2010 I moved to DPAG in order to take up the management and running of the OXION Proteomics facility. Currently I am also holding a Retained Lectureship in Biochemistry at Pembroke College.

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Recent Publications

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