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Research groups

Harvey Davis

Postdoctoral Research Scientist

I am an OXION DPhil student working under Professors David Paterson and Neil Herring. Previously, I read Pharmacology at the University of Bristol and undertook a year in industry focusing on hippocampal plasticity. My current interests lie in neurobiology, with a specific interest in the peripheral nervous system and ionic mechanisms underpinning neuronal firing rates. 

The sympathetic nervous system is a target of interest in disorders such as hypertension and arrhythmia. However, despite this, the fundamental properties of key ganglia such as the cardiac innervating stellate ganglia are largely unknown, with even less understood about how they may be disrupted in pathological states.

My project focuses upon the characterization of novel electrophysiological and transcriptional changes in stellate ganglia neuron function in a rodent model of hypertension. To achieve this aim, I primarily use a combination of patch-clamp, molecular biology and bioinformatic techniques. By revealing novel pathways of sympathetic neuron function in hypertension, my project aims to identify novel targets for therapeutic investigation.