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Research groups

Freddy Trinh

Postgraduate Student

Normative Modelling of the Auditory System

I am a DPhil student in the Auditory Neuroscience Group under the joint supervision of Professor Andrew King, Dr Ben Willmore, and Dr Nicol Harper. I am interested in why the auditory system represents the auditory world in the manner that it does. In order to investigate this, I use normative models of the auditory system using temporal prediction as a guiding principle and physiological data from the auditory system.


I did my BSc in biology at the University of Copenhagen, where I wrote my BSc thesis under the supervision of Professor Jakob Balslev Sørensen on protein mechanisms and interactions in the presynapse and their role in neurotransmitter release.

I then did my MSc in neuroscience at the University of Oxford. During my MSc, I did rotation projects with Professor Gero Miesenböck doing research on sleep regulation and with Professor Tim Vogels investigating the properties of a learning rule addressing excitation-inhibition balance using computational methods.