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Farah Alammari

Postgraduate Student

Research Summary

Long non coding RNAs are class of newly discovered genes that have an important biological functions and roles in human diseases. Many lncRNA’s are expressed in the brain and play a regulatory role in neurogenesis, however the in vivo role and the molecular mechanisms that they are playing are still not clear. Paupar, Pax6 upstream paired box 6, is a vertebrate conserved lncRNA that is expressed in the brain, and regulates cell self-renewal and differentiation in neuroblastoma cell line by binding to transcription regulators proteins genome wide. In my DPhil project, I show that Paupar is expressed in the subventricular zone, which is the site of postnatal stem cell niche, and regulate the expression of genes important for neural proliferation and differentiation. I also show that Paupar is important for regulating neurogenesis and the maintenance of stem cells in vivo. I am working to provide more understanding about the role of the lncRNA Paupar in the CNS biology.


I am a second year DPhil student at DPAG, I obtained my master’s degree in Molecular biology  from University of Southern California and my bachelor’s degree from King Saud University in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.


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