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Research groups

Evi Kakouris

Visiting Student

I joined Szele ‘s group in February 2019. I am working for a collaborative project between Szele group (DPAG), the Russell group (Chemistry) and OxStem Neuro, under the supervision of the postdoctoral researcher Julie Davies. The aim of the project is to find small molecules able to stop the loss of NSCs which naturally occurs in neurodegenerative  diseases like AD. My work in this project mainly focuses on the in vivo model and more specifically the differences that are noted on angiogenesis and synaptogenesis of transgenic mice brains after treating them with several compounds.

I am an undergraduate Biology student at the University of Patras doing my Erasmus internship at Szele’s lab. I recently finished my bachelor thesis, part of a research project concerning a new method of harvesting neural stem cells for autologous cell therapies of neonatal and infant CNS disorders taking place in the Developmental Biology laboratory (Patras) in collaboration with the Welcome Trust-MRC Cambridge Stem Cell Institute (UK). A neurotoxin called neuraminidase, was injected stereotactically in the adult rat brain in to destroy the ependymal zone, allowing neural stem cells to flow into the cerebrospinal fluid in order to be easily collected from the 4rth ventricle for further culture. My project mainly focuses on the study of whether the toxic stress on ependymal cells, at different time points from few days to several months, might affect the function of neural stem cells in the Subependymal Zone stem cell niche of the brain.