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Research groups

Research groups

Dragana Savic

Postgraduate Student

  • Treasurer at Linacre College
  • Founder of HyperC
  • Founder of LLeftover

Results and Goals-Driven Optimist.

The focus of my research is investigating the effects of Carnitine supplementation on Type I diabetic hearts using hyperpolarized MRI. 

I graduated with a B.Sc & M.Sc. from the Technical University of Denmark and University of Copenhagen. I undertook my masters research at Yale School of Engineering and Applied Science in 2013, where I was investigating the effects of aortic stiffness on the cardiovascular system using echocardiography and high pressure transducer catheter.

Following my masters I was recruited as a Specialist at University of California San Francisco (UCSF) to implement a state of the art PET/MRI (GE) scanner. My main research was focused on knee osteoarthritis. 

During my time in San Francisco I also worked with hyperpolarized MRI that lead me to my postgraduate research, where I am studying the effects of Carnitine in diabetes using this technology. 

Carnitine is responsible for the movement of fatty acids across the mitochondrial membrane to allow for subsequent beta-oxidation. It is known that Carnitine levels are decreased in multiple diseases, such as diabetes and heart failure, and that Carnitine supplementation can have a cardioprotective effect. The purpose of my research is to study the effects of Carnitine supplementation on cardiac metabolism in the diabetic heart using hyperpolarized MRI and to study the cardiac function using Cine MRI. 


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