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Research groups

David Dearlove

Postgraduate Student

I use a novel ketone ester drink to investigate the effects of ketosis on metabolism through in vivo experiments in healthy human participants. Ketones are produced by the body during energetic stresses such as starvation, prolonged exercise or abstinence of dietary carbohydrate. In these instances, they provide a supplementary fuel and act as metabolic signals, promoting the oxidation of abundant fat stores and subsequently preserving finite glucose and gluconeogenic skeletal muscle. Ketogenic (very high fat, very low carbohydrate) diets are used as an effective adjunctive treatment for a range of metabolic disorders; however, these diets are difficult to adhere to. The Clarke group has developed a novel ketone ester, which safely and predictably elevates blood ketone concentrations without the need for starvation or dietary manipulation.

My research is focussed on understanding the effects on human metabolism of prolonged consumption of the ketone ester and whether this unique physiological state can confer some of the same metabolic health benefits seen through an endogenously induced ketosis.