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Cristina Villa Del Campo

Postdoctoral Research Scientist

Cristina Villa received her Degree in Molecular and Cellular Biology in The Universidad Complutense of Madrid, Spain. During her degree she collaborated in different projects allocated both in the University and at the National Centre for Cardiovascular development (CNIC). She recieved her Masters degree by the Universidad Autonoma of Madrid in Molaeuclar and Cellular Biology and specialised in Cardiovascular Biology. She proceeded to obtain her PhD working at CNIC under the supervision of Dr. Miguel Torres in Cell Competition During heart development. During this period she presented her work at several international meetings and contributed to several publications. 

She joined Professor Paul Riley's lab in the year 2015 to study novel ways of epicardial cell communication to programme the failing heart to a regenerative state, a project supported by the Fondation Leducq. 

 At DPAG she is a member of the Postdoctoral Society and represents the Postdocs in the Athena Swan comittee.

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