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Research groups

Cristiana Vagnoni

Visiting Postdoctoral researcher

I grew up in Turin, Italy, where I completed a Bachelor in Biotechnology (Distinction) followed by a Master in Molecular Biotechnology (Distinction). My work, supervised by Prof. Ferdinando Di Cunto, focused on the molecular mechanisms underlying microcephaly using in vitro systems to mimic the depletion of key proteins in brain development.

This project, together with a research experience in Prof. Christopher Walsh lab, Boston, studying an in vivo model of microcephaly, raised my deep interest in neuroscience, which led me to move to Oxford and complete an MSc in Neuroscience. During the MSc I worked on dopamine dynamics with Dr Mark Walton and Dr Elizabeth Tunbridge and on the characterization of circuit development in a mouse model of autism with Prof. Simon Butt.

In October 2015 I started a Neuroscience DPhil at Christ Church College, under the supervision of Prof. Simon Butt and Prof. Zoltan Molnar.

Since November 2019 I am a post-doc in the lab of Prof. Simon Butt, working on the development of interneuron circuits.

Interneuron Forest

Runner Up DPAG Image Competition 2017

Just a Touch

Winner of the Bristol Science Film Festival 2017. Watch it here: