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My connections

Brianna Stubbs

Postgraduate Student


I graduated from Pembroke College, Oxford, with a BA in Preclinical Sciences in 2012. 

Before starting my DPhil in Physiology I spent one year working as a Research Assistant in DPAG working on Ketones and Human Performance.

I was awarded an Industrial Fellowship from the Royal Commission of 1851 which will partially fund my DPhil. My project is working towards developing the Ketone Ester developed by Professor Clarke, into a commercial sports product.

Alongside this I am a member of the Great Britain Rowing Team, I am the current U23 World Champion in the Lightweight Women's Double Sculls. My DPhil allows me to combine my scientific interest in sports  physiology and metabolism with competing at an international level.

Following my DPhil I plan to complete my training in Clinical Medicine which will allow me to have a research based clinical career.  

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