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Birgit Brueggemeier

Postgraduate Student

Short Description

I'm a DPhil student in Stephen Goodwins lab and am co-supervised by A. Mason Porter.

My DPhil project is linking biology and mathematics in modelling the courtship behaviour of the fruit fly Drosophila Melanogaster.

Before converting to the fruit fly I studied English, Media and Psychology in Germany. Then did my Masters in Neuroscience in Oxford. My DPhil is a continuation of the Masters in being part of a 4 year Wellcome Trust Doctoral programme.

Currently I am focusing my research on the courtship song of male flies. I have developed a model of courtship song which allows me to simulate fly song and gives me a better understanding of the potential mechanisms underlying fly courtship song production. If you're interested, do contact me.

Beside from my research I've got an affinity for media and teaching.

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