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Aleksandar Ivanov

MSc, MBiochem

Academic Visitor

  • Christopher Welch Scholar

Auditory Neuroscience and Neuronal coding of sensory information

Currently I am doing a PhD with Prof. Andrew King and Dr. Kerry Walker. I am interested in how neurons represent sensory information and what are the underlying computational principles of that representation. I address these questions in the auditory system of ferrets and mice using different techniques such as in vivo 2-photon Ca2+ imaging, electrophysiological recordings, computational and modelling approaches.


I obtained a combined BSc & MSc degree in Biochemistry at the University of Oxford. I then graduated with an MSc in Neuroscience degree at Oxford where I worked with Prof. Colin Akerman on cortical connectivity and its effects on synaptic plasticity and with Prof. Andrew King on computational modelling of brain adaptive responses to sounds.

Link to my CV.

Computational modelling of auditory neuronal responses