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Two tutors sit at table with an open textbook while a student writes equations on a whiteboard

The Department’s undergraduate teaching embraces courses for students studying pre-clinical Medicine and Biomedical Sciences.

Teaching in the first year concentrates on the fundamental principles necessary for understanding the biomedical science. Lectures and practical classes both contribute substantially to the teaching. In addition, each undergraduate is a member of a college that provides tutorial teaching for 1-2 hours per week on a more individual basis, many of the college tutors being also lecturers within the Department.

From the second year there is increasing emphasis on understanding original scientific literature; reading becomes concentrated in the journals rather than textbooks.

In the third year all students undertake their own research project which will be based in a laboratory either in the department or elsewhere in the University. They also have high level tutorials with research scientists and are working at the cutting edge of scientific research. 

For many members of research staff, the lively contact with enquiring minds in projects and tutorials is a valuable stimulus to their own studies and research.

More details and information can be found at the Medical Sciences Division website.

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