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Five students are gathered together in lab coats looking at a petri dish.

DPAG has an international reputation in key areas of biomedical research as illustrated in the Research Themes. It is the largest pre-clinical department in the University of Oxford and additionally holds a vast research grant income.

Your research will be conducted at Oxford under the supervision of academic staff who are at the forefront of developments in your chosen research project area. You will explore your research subject area to new depths and have the opportunity to present your findings to members of the international scientific community with whom, one day, you may collaborate with. At the end of your study with us it is hoped you can produce a doctoral thesis and have demonstrated that you are an original and creative thinker capable of independent scientific work.

The Department aims to advance understanding of medical conditions at the basic level and apply this knowledge to clinical care while being equally committed to training the next generation of scientists in biological and clinical science by offering applicants, of all nationalities, the opportunity to enter a Departmental/Divisional funding competition. All successful candidates awarded funded places will have been assessed purely on the basis of excellence appropriate to their intended research path. The funding competition is open to applicants applying by the early December deadline.

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You are advised to make enquiries a year prior to intended entry. We strongly encourage you to look at our Research pages to identify areas of interest to you and then directly contact the Principal Investigator (Group Leader) to discuss possibilities of joining them. This should be addressed before you submit your application to the University as you must nominate on your application form, your intended supervisor with whom you have had correspondence and agreement of your intended research project. Selection of the correct research area programme code is crucially important.

The main application deadline for students wishing to be considered for funding in the Divisional & Departmental funding competition in 2022 is noon GMT Friday 3rd December 2021. Applications for divisional funding must have an agreed supervisor in order to be considered at that deadline.  Applications for entry in October 2021 are now closed.

International students must allow time for obtaining an ATAS and then a Student Visa prior to starting a course.


IMPORTANT : The main application deadline for entry in October 2022, is at noon GMT on 3rd December 2021.

Course Codes

DPhil Course Code: RD_PYAG1

MScR Course Code: RM_PYAG1


Graduate Studies Administrator

+44 (0) 1865 272497