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The latest information can be obtained on the University's Course fees page.

Visa and immigration information for international students can be found on the University's Visa & immigration page.


In the first instance, see the University's Q&As.



What do I need to do to be considered for full funding?

If you apply by the new early December deadline you will automatically be considered for full funding from a number of sources, such as the MRC, the Clarendon Fund, CR-UK, the department and Oxford Colleges. Other studentship information for research in DPAG is available on the Oxford funding Research Councils page.

Black Academic Futures scheme -The DPhil programme in Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics is participating in Black Academic Futures via the Medical Sciences Division's guarantee of at least 10 places per year across its doctoral programmes for the next four years' intakes of DPhil students (see - see second tab).


What does this funding cover?

As a minimum the funding will pay fees at the Home rate and provide a stipend at the standard Research Council rate for three years. Most awards will cover the higher overseas fees as well. Some awards pay higher stipends and/or extend for 4 years.

Should I apply to outside sources?

There are many external scholarships available with their own application dates and processes. You need to apply for these separately, in addition to applying to Oxford. There are a number of other external major scholarships particularly relevant to Medical Sciences applicants.