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View through the entrance glass doors into reception showing reception desk, guest sofa, three column arches, a video wall and three distinct signs: centre for integrative physiology, Laboratory of Physiology and Centre for Integrative Neuroscience.


DPhil in Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics

MSc by Research in Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics

Admissions Criteria

The University seeks to attract applicants of the highest quality and potential, regardless of background. Decisions on the admission of students will be based on (a) the individual merits of each candidate as assessed against the selection criteria, and (b) the University’s ability to provide appropriate research opportunities and supervision consistent with the candidate’s research interests.

Academic requirements

DPAG will only consider admitting applicants who can give evidence of a strong academic record. Transcripts should be uploaded to the application form. An original transcript, confirming final degree outcome, is required in order to satisfy an entry condition. This should be received by the Department, directly from the awarding institution.

English Language requirements

DPAG’s English language certification requirement is set at the Higher level (as specified in the Graduate Prospectus) which must be met in full. A waiver may only be requested (a letter uploaded to the application form) if there is suitable alternative evidence of the candidate having met the required level of English language proficiency. The grounds and procedure for granting such a waiver are set out in full in the English Language test waiver policy. The power to waive the requirement for certification lies with Divisional Boards only after the waiver request has been approved by the appropriate departmental authority. An original certificate, confirming examination, is required in order to satisfy an entry condition. This should be received by the Department, directly from the awarding body. The University does not accept the TOEFL language test any longer.  

College requirement

Your application will be considered by your first choice college after you receive, from us, an offer of a place. If your first choice college cannot offer you a place, the department will ensure that you receive an offer from another college. You are not required to make a separate application to a college. You should hear from a college within 8 weeks of receiving your offer letter from the Department. If you have not please contact us.

No person may be admitted as a Postgraduate Research (PGR) student unless he or she has also been admitted as a member of a college. Colleges collectively agree to admit all those offered a place for graduate study by a University Admitting Body. A College entry condition is to illustrate the ability to cover fees and living expenses, ideally throughout the duration of the DPhil programme.