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Network Member Benefits

Network members have access to a number of exclusive grant schemes, including travel awards and pump-priming funds. See the information below for available funding and please contact the ARUK Administrator for more information.  


Once a year, we open applications for small pump priming awards for biomedical dementia research projects (up to £4000), awarded to Oxford ARUK Network members.

Applications are now open for small pump priming awards for biomedical dementia research projects (up to £4000), awarded to Oxford ARUK Network members are now closed. We aim to reopen applications in Autumn 2018.

Post-docs and senior DPhil students are greatly encouraged to apply with a PI as co-applicant. The awards will be for a 5 month period and priority will be given to collaborative applications, either within or between ARUK network Centres to foster new collaborations or enhance those already existing. These awards could also include provision for researchers at one Network Centre to perform experiments or learn techniques at another Centre. We strongly encourage applications to fund summer studentships (there is no requirement for a named student to be identified at the application stage) as part of the network’s aim to recruit new dementia scientists.   We anticipate funding up to 6 awards in 1 round of funding. Please note a condition of this pilot funding is to present the research if asked at ARUK Oxford network centre events.


Small equipment and pilot grants awarded in the past can be seen here.

Applications for small pilot grants and small equipment awards for 2018 will open in late 2017.

Please contact the ARUK Administrator for more information about any of the above grant schemes and to submit applications.


We encourage network members to attend the ARUK annual conference. The next event will be held in London in March 2018, see here for more information. We are offering travel grant support of up to £250, only available to network members that submit an abstract or those in the first year of their PhD.

If you would like to apply, please return the below form to We will also be able to support 1st year PhD students that are not able to submit an abstract.

We may also be able to offer travel grant support to network members presenting at international conferences - please do submit an application form to find out if we can support you.  

Organisation of scientific networking opportunities within the Network

This can be for networking within or between Network Centres. Applications are open throughout the year. 

Further funds for larger scale networking activities (between Centres or UK-wide) are available through the ARUK Network Accelerate Scheme.

Organisation of Outreach Events

The Oxford ARUK Network can also provide funds to support outreach events - applications are open throughout the year. 

Other funding available to Network members through Alzheimer's research UK

Network Cooperation Grants

Collaboration in research is crucial. Alzheimer's Research UK has a long history of bringing scientists together to share knowledge and understanding to accelerate the progress of dementia research. The Network Cooperation Grants are collaborative project grants for up to £100k between two or more Network Centres. In addition to the Network Centres, the application can include co-applicants from elsewhere in the UK or abroad. The next application deadlines are March and October. For more information, please see here

Network Support Grants (the Emergency Support Grant)

These are small grants (up to £30k) to cover unanticipated funding shortages, 'bridging' between grants to retain key researchers and/or the completion of important research to a defined end-point. Applicants must be members of the ARUK Network. There will be four deadlines per year; further details can be found here

Network Accelerate Scheme

The Network Accelerate Scheme is designed to fund research resources or tools that could be of benefit to dementia research in the ARUK Network and beyond, as well as shared within the ARUK Network. This could include: 

  • The generation and validation of reagents, such as antibodies or tool compounds. 
  • The maintenance/creation of research resources (sample collections, data analytic/bioinformatic tools). 
  • Scientific networking beyond what could normally be covered by contributions from Network Centre grants. Examples of these could be topic (dementia subtypes, methodologies, research topics) specific meetings or groupings.

The application must include two or more Network Centres and the lead applicant and point of contact must be a Network member. Resources made available under this scheme will be available to all Network members. There will be two deadlines per year; requests can be for up to £250k. Please see here for more information.