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Interviews and news articles

New paper from Wade-Martins lab on Friedreich's Ataxia

Expanded GAA repeats impair FXN gene expression and reposition the FXN locus to the nuclear lamina in single cells

OPDC recieves £6M new funding from Parkinson's UK

OPDC is celebrating after Parkinson’s UK awarded £6M to the cutting-edge research programme led by Richard Wade-Martins and Michele Hu. "In the last five years we’ve made remarkable progress. We’ve built a study integrating work in the clinic and the laboratory like nowhere else in the world. Alongside this, our program to change cells from patients’ skin into brain cells using cutting-edge stem cell technology has allowed us to gain completely new insights about Parkinson’s and how it develops. We’re delighted the new funding from Parkinson’s UK will secure the future of this and other vital projects.” OPDC lead researcher, Richard-Wade Martins

Wade-Martins lab develops new method to look for Parkinson's biomarkers

The OPDC aims to understand the earliest events that lead to Parkinson’s. As part of this research researchers in the Wade-Martins lab have made exciting discoveries about the role of alpha-synuclein oligomers in Parkinson’s in a study of post-mortem brain tissue from people with Parkinson’s and healthy controls.

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