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Find out more about the Schnupp Group's public engagement here.

Brain Awareness Week, Oxford, 2014
Brain Awareness Week, Oxford, 2014

Talks to the public

A quintessential human superpower: How we hear speech - A Pint of Science, Oxford Talks, 19 May 2014.

Free to do what we want? Free will and responsibility in the neuroscientific age - CogTalk public debate at Plymouth University with philosopher Helen Beebee, March 2014.

Suona e cervello (Sound and Brain)Asconosc(i)enza 2012, public lecture series, Monte Verita, Ascona, Switzerland, March 2012.

The Cyborgs are Coming - Facts and Myths of Brain-Machine interfacing - Cheltenham Science Festival, June 2011 and GCSE Science Live!, Leeds Town Hall, November 2011.

Making Sense of Sound Café Scientifique, March 2007.

The Creative Process, Method or Madness - Oxford Summertown Arts Week workshop, May 2006.

in the Media

A day in the life of a brain - Short video made with independent film maker Laurentiu Huianu. It was shortlisted for a Society for Neuroscience Brain Awareness video contest people’s choice award in 2012.

Sound perception - BBC radio 4 science show The Material World, 20 March 2008. 


Music to Deaf Ears - Collaboration with Dr Carinne Piekema in the production of a podcast on hearing loss, music, hearing aids and cochlear implants which was broadcast on the BBC world service in September 2012.

The Sound of deafness - Podcast with Dr Carinne Piekema, edited for the BBC World Service, September 2012.

Festivals & events

Brain Awareness Week exhibition - interactive sound installation How we Hear Speech created for the Museum for the History of Science, March 2014.

Popular websites

How Your Brain Works - Website hosting lectures and material on how the brain works. The lectures were given in summer 2011 as part of a 10 week evening class organized by the Oxford University Department of Continuing Education. The lessons assume almost no scientific prior knowledge, and aim to introduce the fundamentals of neuroscience to a lay audience.

Auditory Neuroscience - Making Sense of Sound - Sounds and video clips and interactive demonstrations and experiments. The web site provides bite-size pieces of information on a wide variety of neuroscientific topics including hearing loss and restoration, speech, aphasia, spatial hearing and much more.


Jan was awarded the first ever Jack Ashley Fellowship in Public Engagement by the UK charity Action on Hearing Loss in 2013.

2007 Runner-up at the UK National FameLab Science Communication Competition with his short presentation on pleasure centers in the brain and their role in motivation.