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The OXION Imaging Core Facility is run by Dr. Juris Galvanovskis.

The Facility consists of some of the existing imaging equipment held by OXION groups. At present the equipment that is included into the Core facility is located at the premises of corresponding research groups such as Pr. Patrik Rorsman’s group at OCDEM, Churchill Hospital and Pr. Frances Ashcroft’s group at Physiology. During next few years some of this equipment will be moved to the Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics (DPAG) in order to create a single core facility hosted in OCGF building of DPAG.

Dr Galvanovskis is responsible for training graduate students, training fellows and other researchers to use the existing imaging equipment to investigate fluorescent specimens of biological tissue, cells and their sub-cellular structures. An integral part of modern imaging applications in biomedical research is the analysis of acquired images in order to extract quantitative information of interest from original data. Additionally to training on imaging hardware Dr. J. Galvanovskis gives introductory courses on basic analysis software packages that are used for image post-processing. Support in developing novel methods of analysis that may be necessary to solve problems that may arise in someone’s specific research area is available as well.  Also, an advice is available the design of imaging experiments and selection of existing imaging equipment in order to achieve the best result and optimize research activities.

At this moment the Imaging Core Facility has use of two Carl Zeiss confocal laser scanning systems LSM510 META. One of scanning modules is arranged on an inverted microscope Axiovert 200, other identical scanning module is attached to an upright microscope Axioskop 2F. A Coherent infrared laser Chameleon is integrated into both of these confocal systems and allows one to perform imaging with multi-photon excitation.

In addition OXION members has access to the Olympys total internal reflection (TIRF) microscope.  An IonOptix Fluorescence Measurement System is available for monitoring intracellular concentrations of ions and metabolites.