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The OXION MALDI MS/MS service is run by Holger Kramer.

The mass spectrometry facility is available for use by non-OXION members when capacity permits.  Preference is given to projects that involve ion channels and/or diseases of electrically excitable cells, but all projects will be considered.

Please contact Dr. Holger Kramer ( who runs the facility.

At the moment, we can offer access to a Bruker Ultraflex MALDI TOF/TOF with MS/MS capabilities.  Samples should already be desalted/purified (peptides) and digested (proteins), and can be spotted onto a MALDI plate here in the lab - materials and chemicals would be provided by us.

We also offer LC-MS/MS analysis comprising HPLC separation (RP C18 column) and state-of-the-art ESI-Ion Trap MSn analysis with both CID and ETD peptide fragmentation (Bruker Amazon Instrument).


Proteomics Charges (Nov 2013)