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The mouse neurophysiological laboratories are run by Dr Louise Upton.

They provide facilities and/or training for members of the consortium in several techniques.

These include:

  • neuronal tracing (retrograde and anterograde tracing of neuronal connections);
  • immunocytochemistry (using fluorescent and histochemical markers);
  • whole-cell in vivo patch-clamp recording (blind and targeted to fluorescently-labelled neurons);
  • two-photon microscopy and calcium-imaging in vivo (using bulk-loaded calcium dyes such as Oregon Green and Fura-2 to examine neuronal activity);
  • and in vivo extracellular recording (using 16-channel Michigan electrodes with spike-sorting software to simultaneously record spiking activity as well as local field potentials through the entire depth of mouse cerebral cortex).

To access the mouse physiology laboratories, please email: