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Ultrastructural immunocytochemistry

My group is linked with three groups: with Helen Christian on neuroendocrinology (folliculo-stellate cells); with Clive Wilson on exosome signalling in drosophila reproduction; with Deborah Goberdhan on exosomes in colon cancer cells.

My long term research interest has been in neuroendocrine control. This started in Bristol (Anatomy) with research on oxytocin and vaopressin neurons under Barry Cross, and continued in Dartmouth (USA) with Heinz Valtin on Brattleboro rats. I joined what was then the Department of Human Anatomy in Oxford in 1977 and for many years continued work on the control of secretion of oxytocin and vasopressin. One major discovery was that these peptides are secreted not only from their axons in the pituitary, but also from their dendrites for important modulatory actions within the hypothalamus. More recently Helen Christian and I have worked together on the role of pituitary folliculostellate cells in the stress response. Since becoming emeritus I have been using my ultrastructural skills to link with Clive Wilson and Deborah Goberdhan on exosome signalling in Drosophila reproduction, and in colon cancer cells. Throughout my career I have devoted much time to medical education - in particular to the understanding of functionally and clinically relevant anatomy (MacKinnon & Morris, Oxford Textbook of Functional Anatomy Vols 1,2,3), and as Director of Preclinical Studies (2004-2010).

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