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July 2013 - Paper on CRISPR in flies (Cell Reports)

July 2013 - Simultaneous targeting of yellow and white genes is possible

December 2013 - Paper on CRISPR in S2 cells (Bio Open) available online

December 2013 - Review on CRISPR in Drosophila (J Genet Genomics) available online

December 2013 - Our paper makes into Cell Reports Best of 2013

February 2014 - Methodological paper on CRISPR in Drosophila is accepted (Methods)

March 2014 - Andy takes on a new post to lead a genome engineering centre in Oxford. Congratulations, Andy!

September 2014 - Sanjay joins us to continue CRISPR work

April 2015 - Paper on a genome-wide CRISPR library in flies (JGG) is published online

January 2016 - Eventually we made it! Up to 50-fold knockdown of Drosophila long noncoding RNAs using CRIPSR interference. Well done, Sanjay and Charlotte! Nucleic Acids Research paper