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Gabriel Aughey Gabriel Aughey Graduate student (2010-2014)

Postdoctoral Researcher (2014)
After studying biochemistry at Cardiff, Gabriel was excited to join the lab in october 2010 for his phd working on the emerging field of cytoophidiology. Armed with a passsion for science and an insatiable thirst for knowledge, Gabriel hopes to use drosophila to unravel some of the fundamental mysteries of life. When not at work in the lab, Gabriel enjoys being outdoors, listening to music and eating domino’s pizza.
Ghows Azzam Ghows Azzam Graduate student
Ghows’ research interest is in microRNA biogenesis, a relatively new field which is currently being extensively researched. His main focus at present is the characterization of Drosophila Argonaute 1 which is one of the main proteins in miRNA biogenesis. He received his Bachelors degree in Biotechnology from the University of Science, Malaysia (USM). He then studied for a Masters degree in Developmental Cell Biology at the University of Sussex, where he first began his work on microRNA regulation in Drosophila. Ghows joined the lab in January 2009 with a scholarship from the Malaysian Government. Loves photography, gadgets, computer games and Wii.
Andrew Bassett Andrew Bassett Post-doc
Andy started in Oxford in October 2010. Prior to this, he studied in Cambridge for a while, doing his PhD with Andrew Travers at the LMB studying the role of chromatin remodelling factors and SUMOylation in heterochromatin formation in flies. After spending a few years working with small RNAs in unicellular green algae with David Baulcombe, he moved to the FGU to study the role of longer RNA molecules in flies. When not in the lab, he enjoys ski touring, classic road rallies (and associated tinkering with old cars) and travelling.
Mickey Buckingham Mickey Buckingham FHS student (2010) Mickey came on the scene in April 2010 when he decided to do a research project in the lab as part of his Medicine FHS course in Oxford University. His project focused on effect of stress on the organisation of cytoplasmic organelles named U body and P body using the Drosophila reproductive system as a model. Mickey is hugely interested in genetics and molecular biology but has always wanted to be a paediatrician in the future - dream is to work in Great Ormond Street Hospital! In his spare time, he loves hanging out with friends and watching Taiwanese TV programmes.
Jieni Cao Jieni Cao Career development fellow (2007-2010) Jieni came to the UK to do a PhD after she completed her MB BS in China. During the Career Development Fellow period in Jilong’s lab, Jieni thoroughly enjoyed studying the effect of the spinal muscular atrophy protein SMN on small non-coding RNA regulation in Drosophila. Jieni is currently utilising her education and experience in medicine and research in her new career – being a Clinical Trial Monitor in cancer clinical trials.
Ruben Cauchi Ruben Cauchi Graduate student (2007-2008) Ruben did his undergraduate studies in biomedicine at the University of Malta. He continued his studies at Imperial College in London where he earned a Master of Science in human genetics. Ruben then did his doctoral research at the Liu Lab where he researched the disease spinal muscular atrophy. Following his postdoctoral studies at the Laboratory of Molecular Biology at the University of Cambridge, Ruben was engaged as a consultant within the Office of the Prime Minister of Malta. Ruben recently became an academic staff member of the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery at the University of Malta where he is presently involved in teaching and research activities.
Kangni Chen Kangni Chen Summer student (2010) Connie is a fourth year medical student from Imperial College in London and started working in the lab this summer. She has transformed from a naive Drosophila lab newbie to a finely skilled scientist. She has learnt many important things such as how to differentiate male/female flies and dissecting brains from larvae (though not sure of the relevance of those to medicine). The project on cytoophidia has been very exciting but at times a little stressful, she hopes to return to the lab one day as a qualified doctor and save the human race from cancer and obesity. Her hobbies are painting, travelling and cooking.
James Currie James Currie Lab Supervisor (2012-2013) James did his PhD looking at the relationship between exercise and blood levels of BDNF (a protein linked to protection against neurological disease). After realising that molecular biology is what really excites him and gets him up in the morning James has been learning the trade in various labs over the last 2 years. He joins us on the cytoophidium project. In his spare time James can usually be found riding a road bike or playing the drums.
Siân Davies Siân Davies Graduate student (2008-2012) Siân joined the group in October 2008 after finishing a degree in Biochemistry at Exeter College, Oxford. She is currently investigating how the survival motor neuron (SMN) protein is regulated in fruit flies. Siân was born in Swansea and thinks the best things in life are songs by Cole Porter, English Breakfast tea, handmade cheeses, period dramas and all things Italian. She generally only listens to music made pre-1970 and likes listening to Radio 4 comedy in the fly room.   
Zillah Deussen Research support (2007-2012)
Aline Domingues Aline Domingues Summer student (2012) Aline is a French first-year Master student. During internships in France, she has been interested in the regulation of gene expression by polymorphisms. She came to the lab in April 2012 for a 2-month summer internship to look for cytoophidia in worms. She likes wear costumes with her friends in party. In her spare time, she plays trumpet, and likes running. She does snowboard during winter holidays, and in summer holidays, she likes going to Portugal to have peace and quiet moments in her parent's natal burg. Also, she likes taking photos of animals and nature.
Luke Freeman-Mills Luke Freeman-Mills FHS student (2011)
Anita Gola Anita Gola Summer student (2010) Anita is a current third year Biochemistry student studying at the University of Southampton who was given the fabulous opportunity to work for 8 weeks in the lab during the summer on the cytoophidia project. During her stay, she was able to learn not only a lot about the novel structure, but also on basics of the Drosophila research model. In her spear time, Anita enjoys to read good novels and bake with her friends.
Tapaswi Gonda Tapaswi Gonda Research support (2008-2009) Tapaswi joined the lab as a Research Assistant in January 2008, having completed her postgraduate studies in biotechnology at Bangalore University, India. Tapaswi loved experiments at school, so found spending her days with pipettes in the lab to be a great pleasure. She is fascinated by the DNA world and would like to continue that passion in a practical way. Her main hobby is drawing, but beyond this Tapaswi enjoys cooking, reading and playing badmintion. Tapaswi left the lab in January 2009. She is presently enjoying motherhood and looking after her baby daughter.
Kemian Gou Kemian Gou Visiting Professor (2011-2012)
Joshua Harvey Joshua Harvey FHS student (2010) Josh started in the lab in May 2010 for an 8-week research project for his Medicine FHS course. The work involves looking at the phenotypic changes associated with the accumulation of alpha-synuclein in Drosophila. Although not expecting a Nobel Prize he hopes this work will spark an interest in research which he will pursue later in life. When not working (a rare occurrence in Oxford) he likes to indulge in all manors of sports, rugby, hockey, kickboxing and rowing.
Lin Lee Lin Lee Graduate student (2007-2009) Lin started her PhD in October 2004 and passed her viva in January 2009. During this time, she focused on the role of SMN in Drosophila oogenesis in order to ascertain its role in RNA metabolism, which is likely to be important in the neuronal system. Lin has a real interest in travel and learning about other cultures, so is currently in Beijing teaching English while trying to learn Chinese. To keep up to date with the scientific community she is also editing scientific articles for content and grammatical correctness before they are sent for review to international journals.
Thomas Moens FHS student (2011)
Issac Santos Issac Santos Summer student (2011) Issac loves biology, especial Zoology and genetics. He came to the lab to study miRNAs in fruit flies. Issac likes any kind of sport but especially soccer and cycling, both for practice and watching. He enjoys sitcome series and comedy films and, during weekends, he likes hanging out with friends for a meeting or just taking snacks in the bars. He definitely prefers the rainy summer in England than the hot and sunny weather in Spain.
Mohima Sanyal Mohima Sanyal Summer student (2012) Mohima is excited to be joining the lab while studying here at Oxford. No stranger to identifying flies and extracting confocal data, Mohima has been working in a fruit fly lab since she began college, and is eager to dive into learning about the budding area of cytoophidia research. At home, she is a second-year undergraduate at the College of William and Mary, studying Biology and Cognitive Science (a self-designed major she affectionately calls “Neuro-anthro-linguistics”). She hopes to use the unique perspective granted by her majors to do work in the field of international medicine and relief, and is following a Pre-Medicine track. Eager to reinforce her desire to be in multiple places at once, Mohima also tries her hand at spontaneous jam sessions with (ridiculously talented) student musicians, dancing about campus with good friends, and trying to meet all the wonderful personalities that make Oxford truly beautiful.
Min Sun Min Sun Summer student (2012)
Tom Whittaker Tom Whittaker Summer student (2009) Tom spent 6 weeks on an MRC vacation scholarship to the lab during the summer holiday of 2009, during which time he worked mainly with graduate students on their projects. Tom was taught about both experimental procedure and biological theory, and left the lab determined to pursue a career as a researcher. He is currently studying for his A-levels and hopes to read natural sciences at Cambridge. Tom has a strong interest in genetics and molecular biology, as well as a developing interest in neuroscience and virology. His other interests include reading, ultimate frisbee and designing and programming robots.
Robert Young Robert Young Graduate student (2008-2011) Token Scot. Archers lover. Computational whizz and experimental try-hard. Avid follower of long intergenic ncRNAs (lincRNAs), and any associated functions. Debuted July 2008.
Aphrodite Zhao Aphrodite Zhao Summer student (2013-2014) Aphrodite studied Biochemistry in Oxford University as an undergraduate. She joined the lab in October 2013 and she is currently trying to work out the relationship between cytoophidia and cell polarity. When not at work, Aphrodite enjoys reading, drama and music (pretty much every genre)!