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Rot and der Rot 2017: Investigated brain intervention methods with a brilliant group of 'Studienstiftler'.

 Women's Career Day 2018 at The Leibniz-InstitutE fOR Neurobiology in Magdeburg

Kristine Krug speaks on "Making Decisions - in the brain and in life". Below with the speakers and organisers.





Together with 17 students and three professors, we spent two weeks investigating the possibilities, limitations and ethics of different neural intervention methods.

Seminars, discussions and experiments ranged from stimulating neurons in the cockroach, through cochlear implants and visual neuroprosthetics to non-invasive tDCS and TMS in humans. (See video at the top).



Virtual Tour of OUR Labs

Come inside and take a virtual tour through our laboratories! You can find me in the MRI scanner room.

Find out more about our research and see our work with monkeys.

Go to




Beat the Vision Expert



Live crowd experiment on making decision-making about what we see at the Royal Society Summer Science Exhbition 2015. Can the crowd be as good or even better than a trained vision expert at making perceptual decisions? This was part of our Neuron to Nerf guns exhibit (see London Science Museum Late event below).






Your changing brain: from neurons to Nerf guns 

Plasticity experiment at the Science Museum Lates 2015


With many other Royal Society Research Fellows and scientists, we contributed to the London Science Museum Lates in 2015: The next big thing. Together, Oxford colleagues Holly Bridge, Sarah Newey and Kristine Krug developed an exhibit about the Changing Brain:

  1. Demonstrating adaptation when your gaze gets bend while shooting Nerf guns
  2. Comparing expert and crowd judgments on a 3D object
  3. Looking at brains and cells at different ages.




Interactive Talk: Close encounter with the 3D mind

Kristine in 3D


Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition 2014: Kristine Krug gave an interactive talk about 3D vision that involved red-green glasses, mobile phones to make visual judgements and looking at brain function supporting perception.






Cafe Scientific at the Royal Society: Seeing Double

RS Cafe Scientifique Logo


Kristine Krug and Professor Adrian Hilton, a computer scientist at the University of Surrey, discuss the challenges faced when generating computer models of humans. 26 March 2012 at the Royal Society.

Find the audio clip here:



Kristine on the BBC

BBC World Service:

‘Still Life Versus Moving Image’ The Strand 16/11/2012


‘Stuff, gadgets and what men think’ Go Digital 13/10/2003 (as a BA Mediafellow);


‘200 years of Dalton’s atomic theory’ Science in Action 16/10/2003      


BBC News Online (as a BA Mediafellow):

Science celebrates 'father of nanotech'

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Slugs take fright at garlic

Supermarket molluscs reveal Roman secret

Red tape 'harming cancer patients'

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Digging into the brain