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Past Kohl Group lab members.

Project students

Mr Nils Nyberg
"Testing the role of the retrosplenial cortex in associative memory with cell-type specific optogenetics."
(MSc Neuroscience Project Student, Hilary Term 2017)

Mr Roman Rothaermel
"Interaction of multisensory representations during learning."
(MSc Neuroscience Project Student, Hilary Term 2017)

Ms Karyna Mishchanchuk
"Timing-dependent plasticity rules in the retrosplenial cortex."
(FHS Biomedical Sciences, 2016-17)

Mr Steven Middleton
"Calcium dynamics in vS1 neurons during somatosensory processing."
(2016, Wellcome Trust OXION Rotation Student, Oxford)

Mr Aaron Lanz
"Synaptic plasticity rules in the retrosplenial cortex."
(Summer 2016, Oxford Hotchkiss Brain Institute Exchange Student, Calgary)

Mr Stephen Wilson
"Optogenetic mapping of inputs into the retrosplenial cortex."
(2015-2016, FHS Medicine, Oxford)

Ms Inês Barreiros
"Role of fast vs. slow inhibition in somatosensory processing."
(2014-2015, M.Sc Neuroscience, Coimbra - ERASMUS)

Ms Marta Huelin
"Different types of cortical inhibition in the modulation of thalamic input."
(2014-2015, M.Sc Neuroscience, Amsterdam - ERASMUS)

Mr Aleksandar Ivanov
"Characterising thalamic input in vS1."
(Summer 2014, MBiochem, Oxford)

Mr Vincent Nocera
"Spike detection in fluorescent calcium signals."
(Summer 2014, BA Neurobiology, Berkeley)


Mr Matthew Tran, Linc Lab, University of Toronto.
"Advanced methods for in-vivo 2-photon imaging."
(Summer 2016, Collaborator, Toronto)